The writing of Uncle Otto’s Puppet Theatre

The cardboard-and-watercolour puppet theatre of the book’s title was put together in Vienna in 1932 by my painter great-uncle Otto, as a summer’s family game. Like a faded snapshot, it recalls carefree days before the whole world changed. Uncle Otto’s Puppet Theatre weaves together seven memoirs and diaries written by my Jewish family. These span two centuries, from peasant years in rural Moravia to headlong flight from Central Europe and hard-earned new beginnings in America.

About the author

I have led a settled life in Brussels since 1964, but I was born stateless and rootless in Geneva to my Irish mother and my naturalised American father. I grew up in France, Israel and Belgium. For many years I worked as chief editor of Brussels’ English-language newsweekly, and wrote for leading British and American publications.

Contact me

You can order the English edition of Uncle Otto’s Puppet Theatre on Amazon, the Book Depository or from most bookshops. You can get in touch with me on uncleotto32@gmail.com.

My publisher in Vienna is Edition Konturen. You can order the book from bookshops or HERE. (Please dont forget to include your postal address.)